Steve Porter’s Trophy Whitetail Presentation

Wow…..this is how I describe my experience going to Steve Porter’s Trophy Whitetail presentation in Slayton, MN on September 16th.  Steve and his son Dillan started their yearly tour of schools and Randy, Boone and I were finally one of the fortunate ones to be able to attend.  Steve and Dillan along with Shifty, Redwood and a beautiful Silverstorm yearling were definitely the center of attention.

Steve and Dillan are from Lake Bronson, MN where Steve is in law enforcement for Kittson County.  He started raising deer in 1992 because he was frustrated with hunters in his area not letting bucks grow to their full potential.  Steve said he started touring with his bucks because he felt a need to share his knowledge and felt that his show could help young people take a better path in life.  He teaches students and adults about buck behavior, antler development and promotes good hunting decisions.  He says “A kid in camouflage isn’t robbing pop machines at 3am.  They are getting up at 5am to set up decoys or going to a tree stand.”

His display of antlers represents bucks as they mature.  He picks up one of the yearling racks lying on his table and says that this is not a trophy buck.  But, if you let that buck mature and develop over the years, that is when he becomes a trophy.  His displays of Redwood’s and Shifty’s antlers are a great representation of his words.  It shows their progression from when they were a yearling up to their current antlers on their heads right now.

Steve talked about buck behavior before and during the rut, sharing stories of his experiences of just how dangerous a buck in rut can be.  While Steve talked about why bucks rub, Dillan held a tree limb in Redwood’s pen for him to rub on as he was just in the process of losing his velvet.  Redwood would stop to smell his rub and then would continue to rub the limb.  I would bet that all the hunters in the crowd were on the edge of their seat about that time.

After his presentation, Steve invited everyone down to take pictures and to feel free to ask him any questions that they had.  There were many kids and adults in front of the bucks taking pictures and I told Randy that I swear that Redwood was posing!

Steve does a tremendous job at speaking and involving everyone from the deer farmer, the hunter, the children and just the curious during his hour long talk.  I can’t imagine that anyone that attended didn’t go away with more knowledge than they came with of whitetail deer.

MN Deer Breeder’s Association supports Steve’s Trophy Bucks Presentation.  Just that Monday, the Board had approved to send a donation of $2000 to Laurie Prasnicki-Seale of the Cervid Livestock Foundation to help fund his travels to schools in Minnesota.  While talking to Steve and Dillan before his presentation, Steve said that he has videotaped his show for several years and has now put together what he feels is a very good educational tool for organizations such as the MDBA to promote hunting to young people.

MDBA member Casey Gillette sponsored the community presentation and his sister Debbie McCormick sponsored the Murray County Central school presentation.  The Lake Sarah Baptist Church Youth Group sold hot dogs, beef sandwiches, chips, pop and bars with all proceeds totaling around $500 going to new playground equipment and other youth activities.  What a great way for Casey and Debbie to give to their community and help fund the education of area people about whitetails and deer farming.

Thanks to Steve and Dillan for all the effort they put into educating others!

Susan Van Overbeke

Minnesota Web Design