Spring Worming

Worming your animals is one of the best preventative measures a farm can take for herd health!

A good way to check your pens for worms is to take fecal samples to your vet. While your there, check for coccidiosis too. This should be included in the fecal float test.


DEWORMERS – are off label drugs for Cervids, which means Cervids are not on the label. Always watch for slaughter hold and the Cervid industry usually doubles the bovine treatment amounts.

When an animal receives wormer, it kills the adult larvae and the animal sheds the eggs onto the pasture. We need to re worm 21-28 days later. The animals reingest the larvae from the pasture grasses and the internal worm cycle starts again. So it is important, to reworm after 21 days.

We worm March/April and again in the fall. Get out your calendar and mark it down, I like to have the does wormed before the fawns hit the ground then fawning starts and one more worming time. If need be a 3rd time can be given. Then in the fall, mid August, after we wean the fawns, this is when we use Safegaurd wormer in the feed and we worm age specific, then again with another wormer in 21 days.


What wormer to use?

It is strongly suggested to change brands each time or rotate seasonally. This stops the worms from getting use to one brand.  Check with your vet to see if Liver Flukes are prevalent in your area. You may not need to use the more expensive Liver Fluke wormer.

Ways to give wormer:

  • Sub Q-under skin
  • Injectable, IM- in the muscle
  • Mask a water treatment with jello or molasses in feed

Ivomec injectable

  • This drug comes in various forms also in this family is Avermectins and Cydectin.
  • A generic form of Ivomec, is also available, has proven to be affective and saves $
  • Buck- 6cc        Doe- 5cc          Weaned Fawns- 2cc    Yearlings- 4cc

Ivomec Plus Injectable (Plus is for Liver Flukes)

  • We give this sub Q

Ivomec Swine

  • This is like a ground feed
  • We sprinkle heavily to top dress the feed for 3 days and the deer like it.


  • A liquid, top dress feed, again I would do it for 3 days.
  • I mix it with molasses to cover the taste.
  • One draw back, it makes pelleted feed swell.

Valbazine- (albendazole drug)

  • A liquid, same as above.
  • NOT to be given in first 2 trimesters of gestation. Pour on.

Safe Gaurd Pellets- (the drug in pellets is Fenbendazole)

  • I like to use this for my 2nd or 3rd worming in the spring and the first worming for the fawns in the fall, right after weaning.

Dectomax – (doramectin drug) injectable

  • Using this instead of Ivomec this year.


For a healthy herd,

Julie Getschmann

Minnesota Web Design