Letter of concern from Kevin Calmes

December 19, 2011


To Whom It May Concern:
I write to you, my fellow deer farmers, today with a concern that is weighing heavily on me. I am hopeful that our industry will stand together and bring the fair competitive spirit of our livelihood back, before many of us are forced to give up the profession that we
have grown to love and are so passionate about protecting.

The acceptance of scientific reproduction procedures in our industry such as semen collecting, AI and LAP AI, while profitable, have advanced the whitetail genetic pool at an accelerated and unnatural rate.  The rapid pace of new scientific advances such as invitro fertilization (IVF), cloning and embryo transfers will disrupt the supply and demand balance, wherein only the very top percent of high quality genetics will be sought after.  The 90% majority of smaller business owners will be forced into abandoning their life’s passion due to economic distress.

Because there are no state or federal regulations putting parameters around this type of activity, it is our responsibility as farm owners to band together and put controls in place to collectively stop this activity for the betterment of the entire industry. We need to broadly communicate that any farm that chooses to continue performing services of manipulating deer for profit by invitro fertilization (IVF), cloning and embryo transfers be banned from sales and auctions unless they provide full disclosure to buyers of what procedures that deer was put through.

Failure to begin controlling this activity will, for many of us, mean the end of deer farming as we know it within the next 5 years. Only the wealthy will prevail, and the backyard family business will be extinct.

Thank you for your time. Recipients of this letter include all board members from each state’s organization. I look forward to your support and am hopeful you will begin discussions within your own communities, reach out to NADeFA to express your concerns, and ultimately put a stop to this advancement so we can enjoy our profession for many years to come, passing down our passion for generations to share.

Kevin Calmes

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